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New Zealand’s own Wikipedian-at-large

If Wikipedia’s English language pages were ever to be printed as encyclopaedias, over 2500 volumes would be needed to include all the articles currently contained in the online encyclopaedia.

Pages about New Zealand topics though would be fewer than they could be and might contain out-of-date information.

New Zealand biologist and the curator of natural history at Whanganui Regional Museum, Dr Mike Dickison, wants to increase and improve the 57,465 articles on Wikipedia which relate to New Zealand.

“We’re definitely behind. You can take a medium-sized city in New Zealand and look at the same sort of coverage for similar sized city in Britain or the US and they’re years ahead of getting things on there.”

Dickison has applied for a $61,315 grant from the Wikimedia Foundation, the organisation which runs Wikipedia, to be a New Zealand Wikipedian-at-large.

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